Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Gift of Music...or Not

I got a cute little, itty bitty ipod “shuffle” as an anniversary gift from the hubs.

It came in an itty bitty box with an itty bitty (useless) instruction book.

I have absolutely no idea how to get music on to this thing. And it’s starting to drive me a little bit crazy.



  1. If it's like a big iPod, you have to load iTunes on your computer first. I will find all the mps files that you have and build your music library. If you have none, you have to either buy the from the iTunes store or rip your own from your cds (it's not hard).

    Once you have some music on your computer, you plug in the iPod and it will sync to your library.

    Don't feel bad. I think iTunes is one of the least intuitive software programs I deal with. None of it seems as straightforward as you'd expect it to be.

    Give a yell if you need help...I try and walk you through.

    I promise...once you get the music on the thing...you'll really like it!

  2. I still am amzed when my little music thingy works. I up-down loaded all my favorite cds on mine and pray I can hear them.!!! Dannelle PS when in doubt, ask a teenager and they will tell you how to work it!

  3. I dunno if a regular mp3 player works differently than an IPOD but with my mp3 player, all I need to do is drag and drop from *my computer* works fine for my needs.

  4. Oh lucky you! You will LOVE it once it's all "sync'd"! Follow Kat's instructions! iTunes is what I use, but fortunately had the gift of a 16 yr old to show me how to do it! I have the BIG iPod with over 3000 songs that I uploaded from my CD collection. Now..I have them on my laptop and on the iPod and am seriously considering getting rid of the actual CDs to help clear clutter from my life. Additionally, as a plus, I can download songs that I want from iTunes and keep from buying whole CDs if I am not entirely interested in the whole she-bang. It's amazing to live in this day and age of technology, but having a kid around to help is almost a necessity! Let me know if you need me to ship Ab up there for a week or so! :) I could use a break! Love, Lisa

  5. Kat has it right...we have 3 shuffles and two nanos in our house. iTunes will copy your cd's or only the songs you want from your cds, you can download Limewire (free version) and find those songs that are hard to find for free to left click and drag to iTunes.

    I have Mack the Knife from Limewire. Also the Ipod website is very useful. Once you get music on it you'll not only like it, you'll want more.

    I have books on my nano for when I just can't handle the noise here, or when we are in the car.

  6. I've had mine almost a year and still don't really understand it. Something about downloading the software to your computer, then something about downloading your CDs to your computer, or something else about buying songs online...just do what I did and stick it in a drawer. It's SO much easier that way!

  7. My solution?! ...ask my 9 year old! It's sad but true. I know nothing except to push play...lol, I still have a hard time burning a CD corretly ;)
    From what I see of my little one, she likes her iPod very much.