Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Eighteen: He Once Was Lost...

Today, I'm thankful for this:

Not a very good picture... But it is the Orange Avenger curled up on my bedroom floor resting his head on the kiva ladder.

This boy has been the bright spot of my summer. A year ago, when I saw him outside and tried to talk to him, he would hunker down and run away. No matter how sweetly I would try to cajole, he wanted nothing to do with me.

And then he had his magical change of heart--the day I scooped a couple of spoonfuls of canned cat food into his outside dish. Evidently, he decided right then and there that I was an acceptable sort.

And the rest is history...


  1. Beats the heck out of sleepin' in the rain. Looks like he's one sleepy kitty.

  2. A handsome boy; what a happy ending to your story.