Thursday, September 22, 2011

Squash Watch Continued

What with all my vacations and work weekends this summer, the weekly squash watch thing kind of fell by the wayside. But I know the gardeners out there are dying to know what has happened with my three hapless little butternut squash plants.

Well.... The plants themselves are thriving. This is what my "squash garden" looks like now:

But, you say, can you really call it a squash garden? Where are the squash?
Squash? I have Squash.

I have A Squash.

Here it is, two-thirds of September gone, and I have one little squash about three inches long, out of all that greenery and all those flowers.


But at least there IS a squash.

So we shall see how big it gets before it is compromised by autumn rains and/or frost.

Breaking News: I have discovered another baby squash, about a third the size of this one. Now I have TWO.


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  1. And, more may still appear! But regardless, it's fun, right?