Sunday, October 28, 2012


Wow…  Some interesting feedback on my last post, from the audience I didn’t think I had. 

Have to admit, I’m a little taken aback…  I didn’t mean the post to be that negative.  I think it was  that parting shot about my blog being a place to come to be alone.  Evidently, this was not only untrue, but it was hurtful to those of you who still come here.  Please accept my apologies. 

My journey continues.  I spent many months simply resting and recovering from my over-extended café years.  Looks like that phase of recovery is officially over.  Now, I’m moving into the fussing, fuming and chomping on the bit phase.  I’m ready for the next thing and have no idea where to go with it.  And for my characteristically hyper-active self (imagine being a hyper-active introvert!) this is not a comfortable state of affairs.  It’s going to make me grouchy and grumbly, paranoid and moody.  More than usual.  Ack.  Not something, apparently, that anyone wants to come here and look at.

So while I am nowhere near finished whining, I am finished whining here.  I knew there was a reason why I never closed down my other blogs…  I shall confine my whining to my private blog, and only appear here with things positive or worth sharing. 

Taking myself off, now, to somewhere I can truly BE alone with my darkest thoughts… 



  1. You are welcome to e mail me anytime. Everybody needs somebody to bounce things off of and not get told to "get over it." Sending a good big hug your way. And there will always be a candle in the window for you.