Monday, July 15, 2013

Ten Minutes: From Bad to Worse, Forevermore?

Is the country still reeling from the damage done during the Bush Administration?  Were Bush and his conspiratorial cronies able to affect so many behind-the-scenes changes to our legal system that the country is now at the mercy of big money, and will always and forever dance to the tune of corporate interests?
Let’s face it—the fact that there has been a Democrat in the White House for almost five years does not seem to have turned the nation around to any appreciable degree.  In fact, the right-wing smear machine has been effective at everything from demonizing the president to convincing folks that the enemy picking their pockets is the guy next door, rather than the guy in the penthouse who would pay more for a business luncheon, without batting an eyelash, than you make in six months.  That same guy will rip that job at which you make that big-whig-business-lunch salary right out from under you and hand it to someone in China or India, if it will put another penny or two into HIS pocket.  Also without batting an eyelash. 
And yet, the brainwashed masses invest their time into begrudging forking their money over to the government, because then the “libruls”  give the money away to deadbeats and drug addicts.  Yes, folks, you should be angry about paying your taxes.  But not because the money is used to support the poor and disadvantaged.  You should be righteously put out because the guy in the penthouse has a panel of accountants and lawyers who have figured out how he can get a tax-break for providing that multi-thousand dollar corporate luncheon.  That assh**e is not paying anywhere NEAR the same share you are.  Go ahead.  Get mad about THAT.
Our nation as a whole has turned ugly and venal, acquisitive and selfish.  We all saw that change happen, and none too gradually, between 2000 and 2008.  And the house that Bush built continues to stand, and expand, even though those evil-doers have been out of the White House for five years.  Georgie (Dickie), you’ve done a helluva job…   


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