Friday, July 19, 2013

Ten Things...

I would request, in this personal New Year...
were I asked...

A partner.

                        A friend.

                                         A place.

                                                            A motive.

                                                                         A victory.

A dream.
                       A reason.
                                       A retreat.

                                                           A chance.

                                                                          A vision. 

A tall order, at my stage of the game.
And nobody's asking...


  1. That's a great prayer (ahem!) for every day. May it all come your way. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday, Lisa!
    My-ahem-60th is coming up next month. And I've got to tell you that your idea of an engaging, relaxing afternoon is exactly the same as mine. I really hope your new year will be good to you. It's time.

  3. Happy Birthday, the cake is beautiful.

  4. I hope you find all this and more. Happy Birthday!