Monday, February 13, 2017

Hail to the SCROTUS!

A few posts back, I made the promise that I would only refer to the Orange Abomination by my favorite name for him, coined by a disenchanted Republican strategist during the primaries:  Cheeto Jesus.  Ah...such an apt appellation!  The coloring is certainly spot-on.  And the mindless, sheep-like adulation of clueless millions brought to mind a modern-day messiah-type personage.  It was perfect!  I grabbed on to it and have wielded it freely since last summer. 

But ...I have Christian friends.  Christian friends whom I fact, a couple of them are ministers.  It can't have been easy for any of them to be confronted with such an unappealing metaphor involving the object of their sacred devotion.  I'll admit, I did cringe when using the offending moniker where those friends might be likely to come across it.  Since I really have nothing against Jesus, and I rather like Cheetos...why insult THEM

But nothing else seemed quite the right combination of accurately descriptive and blatantly disrespectful. 

Until today, when this meme fell like manna from heaven:


Just...absolutely perfect.

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