Monday, March 22, 2004

100 Things About Me...First Part of the Second Half

I saw this list in Karen's journal, and decided I should do my own.  Doing it in non-beta format has proven a challenge.  I started putting the list in from the bottom up.  So this is the LAST 50 things I came up with.  I'll print the first fifty in a couple of days once these have been digested.... 

50. We had a thirty-foot maple tree in our front yard when I was in high school. I used to climb as high into it as I could …scared the crap out of my parents.

51. Snow is very pretty, but I haven’t gone looking for it since we moved to Oregon 20 years ago.

52. NPR is my radio choice. My favorite NPR show is "Car Talk." Followed by "Wait, wait, don’t tell me."

53. I tune out of NPR four times a year when they beg (fundraisers.) I DO support it to the tune of $25 a month, though.

54. I buy things from QVC.

55. I AM a bleeding-heart liberal.

56. As a general rule, I don’t discuss my politics or religion (or lack thereof) with anyone outside my family.

57. The smell of burning leaves takes me right back to the first home I lived in. We had about ½ acre, and my dad WAS Mr. Green Jeans. We had the big veggie garden, the leaf burning barrel in the back yard…very bucolic for suburbia.

58. The smell of English Leather aftershave will always remind me of a certain guy I ALMOST went out with in high school.

59. My "good" china was handed down to me by my mother. She bought it from the "Jewel Man." --A door to door shopping service offered by the Jewel Tea Co. (grocery store) in Chicagoland in the late fifties and early sixties. The pattern is called "Cameo Rose." Its value is in the memories it evokes.


  1. Don't sell that china short, retro things like that have a big appeal these days! Kristi

  2. 52: Totally! I LOVE "Wait, wait..." and "A Praire Home Companion," along with "Fresh Air" with Teri Gross and "This American Life" with Ira Glass.

    53: I'm actually listening to Larry Mantle screaming threats at me right now. I find him...irksome.

    55: Yes! :)