Friday, March 5, 2004

MY Dream Life Movie Script (2 of 2)

I’m sitting on a bench in front of my eight-harness floor loom, working on another spectacular piece of fiber art for a rich client. The loom is strategically placed in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of my studio, which is located in the upstairs of our 3000 square foot cedar A-frame in the Cascades (we have spectacular unobstructed views of fine snow-capped mountain peaks.) This is one of our three homes. We also own a seventeenth century cottage a few hours drive from London, and an apartment overlooking Central Park in New York. I have complete studios in each home.

Wonderful smells are drifting up the stairs from the kitchen, where the girl who "does" for us is fixing a light lunch. She is also making up something to put in the fridge for us to warm up for dinner. She comes in three days a week, does the cleaning and cooking. We have a lovely gourmet kitchen that is to die for, and I like to cook…I just don’t want to have to.

I get up from the bench and stretch…it’s time to change into my bathing suit and go down to the (indoor) pool to do my workout. I want to get it in before lunch. This evening, the community choral group that I’ve organized is coming over for a practice session. We’re going to be entertaining at a school benefit in a couple of weeks, and we’re trying to master some new material. Before they arrive, I’ll go out to my greenhouse to putter in my hydroponic vegetable garden…we get fresh lettuce and herbs, even in the middle of winter! Then out to the yard to check all my bird feeders.

We have forty acres here in Oregon, and we have several outbuildings for guests…in fact, there are three full guest houses, 1500 square feet each. My family comes up often to stay, sometimes for a month at a time. The husband’s family visits often, too. We have huge two-family reunions in the summers, with scads of kids, animals, and general hubbub. And then they all go home and leave me in peace to work on my weaving.


  1. I love your dream script. You posed an interesting question in regards to what the difference is between those who LIVE their dreams and those who simply dream. I don't know if this is a jaded observation, but I don't believe that there are many people living their dream script life. I think it's human nature to want something, struggle to get it, then get it and then want something more. I do it all the time...

  2. I want to come too! I'll clean up after the cooking girl or something!

  3. I wanna be you!
    I wanna be you!

    Damn, I REALLY wanna be if this is your real life I am your newest stalker. :)

  4. When can Rick and I come visit?. Lovely dream. Your question about why some people live their dreams and others of us don't I believe we can sum it up in one word. FEAR. I think we sometimes think No I can't even try to do that. I might fail and look stupid. I believe there are many people who are living their dreams in fact I can name several people I know who had the guts to live their dreams

  5. Wow, great dream life. I enjoyed taking a peek at it.:-)
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend,,

  6. My dream is to live in your guest house. :)

  7. Awww, that's a nice dream.

    Well, I couldn't do it. I hate doing stuff with my hands like that. (the weaving). But, everything else sounds splendid. :-)