Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Family Dynamics (1 of 2)

Other journalers write of the need to be careful what they post, because family members and friends read their journals. What I wouldn’t give to have the people from my "corporeal" life (as opposed to my cyber-life) read my journal. They have been invited. Actually, I do have one friend, and she does visit my journal (Hi, Jackie!) But as far as my family goes, even my husband stays aggressively away.

I suppose I must forgive the husband. We all know that most men would rather be boiled in oil than talk about feelings. Or listen to us talk about them. When husband and I sat down a few months ago and plotted a course away from a rough spot in our marriage, he conceded that such discussions would be part of the recovery plan. But in his mind, the best way to accomplish this was to set aside an exact time, one evening a week, to sit and "just do it." (There’s apparently some ritual, to which I am not privy, that must occur before these conversations can take place, and spontaneity is utterly out of the question.) So I guess it would be foolish of me to think that he might be inspired to go "feeling-seeking" outside of the time frame he set up. He’d surely be drummed out of the Husbands Union.

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  1. My husband actually reads my journal! He says it is the only way he knows what I am thinking. Actually I think he feels a little devilish abuot it. One day I asked him if he felt like he was sneaking a peek into someones diary. He said no, he enjoyed finding out what little thing inspired me for the day. Maybe someday your husband will feel comfortable reading yours.