Monday, March 22, 2004

Next Part of the List

60. I hate spotty bathroom mirrors, and mold growing in toilets and/or showers.

61. I brush my teeth faithfully twice a day, morning and night.

62. My teeth are a mess. Somehow I cracked one of my front teeth, and it is in the process of turning black. Yuck.

63. I’m hoping my next trip to the dentist will result in at least a partial upper plate. It would be the first time I’ve had straight teeth since my permanent teeth started to grow in forty years ago.

64. The inside of my microwave often looks as if a small animal had exploded inside it.

65. Short hair on men is a turn-off to me. I think at least 90% of the men (boys) who shave their heads look like crap with no hair.

66. Vacuum cleaners were put on this earth to frustrate the crap out of me.

67. Ditto garden hoses.

68. Ditto CD jewel cases. I usually break them trying to get into them. Actually broke a CD once trying to get it out of the jewel case. That was a quick $15 down the drain.

69. I think "The Dick Van Dyke Show" is the funniest sitcom that’s ever been aired.


  1. I was going to read the whole list before I comment but I had to stop. I LOVE the Dick Van Dyke do both my sisters. If they run a marathon on TV land....I'll sit glued through the whole thing. And I almost NEVER watch TV.

  2. Dick Van Dyke ~ now there was a sexy man! I love a good looking guy with a sense of humor and style, who doesn't take himself too seriously... :)