Friday, December 16, 2016

In a Vacuum

Twenty-eight entries away from meeting the challenge I set for myself back in October.  Twenty-eight out of eighty-eight. Less than a third left to go.  Like passing the 18-mile mark in a marathon.

And I'm doubting I can see this thing through to the end.  Every day, every post, even the ones I've posted links to on Facebook, I've been forced to assimilate the whole no readers, no comments thing.  At some point, I mostly got over that...except the one time I made the mistake of asking for feedback which of course was answered by that same chorus of crickets that has accompanied every other post.  I had to ask myself, what was I thinking on that one...

But today I reached a level of invisibility, of shouting my truth into a vacuum, that has just about done me in.  It was on Facebook...  I posted something and asked for people to join me in an effort to kick Trump in the shins.  Didn't get a like, or a comment, or even a second glance from anyone, I think.  When I post pictures, my friends dutifully "like" them.  But they don't want to hear anything else from me, don't want to know anything else about me.  Don't really want to belong to my community...or me to belong to theirs.  I have become completely irrelevant.  

So I have to ask myself:

What the hell am I doing here?

Maybe I can come up with 27 posts that attempt to answer that question.  Between now and New Years Eve.

In a vacuum. 

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