Sunday, December 25, 2016

Opinion #5--If We Aren't Supposed to Eat Animals...

I've expressed this sentiment before, but it bears repeating.  It's sort of in the same vein as two of my previously expressed opinions, those having to do with the food choices of fear-ridden, fad-driven American public.

The whole "I don't eat anything with a face" is just...bunk.  Human beings are omnivores.  Our bodies are designed to utilize nutrition from many sources--animal, vegetable and mineral.  We eat animals.  We

I love animals.  I feel a deep spiritual connection to them...I don't think of them as having been put on this earth for man to dominate, or to use for any purpose we desire any time we want.  To me, the other members of the animal kingdom were put here by the Creator for purposes every bit as "important" as human beings. 

But the animal kingdom offers many examples of animals that eat other animals.  Predator/prey is a fact of life on earth, ordained by the Creator...part of the natural order of things.  Do we hate hawks because they prey on the pretty little birds in the garden?  Do we despise lions because they bring down lovely swift gazelles and zebras?  Do we get angry at orcas for killing seals?  No.  We may (unjustifiably) think that the ways some animals procure their food is cruel, or gruesome, or sad.  But the animals are simply following the instructions that the Creator set forth for them. 

Only human beings have the audacity to second-guess the Almighty and declare our natural diet morally unacceptable.

If you feel like giving up meat, if you decide that the thing for you to do is walk that difficult walk of trying to replace animal protein in your diet with crazy combinations of legumes and grains, knock yourself out.  I'll simply point out that if it was the "right" and "natural" thing to do, it wouldn't be so complicated. 

It's not like I consume three pounds of red meat a week,  or base my diet upon mass quantities of bacon, or even chicken.  And, let's face it, having a diet too heavy in animal protein is an economic challenge these days.  But if I choose to enjoy a burger or a pork chop now and then, and consume a fair quantity of poultry (because that's what I can afford) I am not going to be haunted by one ounce of guilt.  I'm pretty secure in the knowledge that the Creator is okay with the concept of food chains and that the guys at the top consume the guys lower down, since that was how the Creator set things up.    


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