Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What To Do

Now that any misplaced hopes we had in the electoral college saving us from doom have been summarily dashed, we're sneaking up on a bit of debate about what to do about the Trump presidency.  Saw a link to this essay in the comment thread of a friend's Facebook post, and it's good enough to post here.  Couldn't figure out how to embed it, so here's the link:

What to Do About Trump?  The Same Thing My Grandfather Did in the 1930's

Pay particular attention to the author's third and final point.  He has an incisive understanding of the foibles of "smart" people--for example, IMO, the Democrats who sabotaged their own candidate and so offered up unmistakable aid to the "enemy."

Too, I remember a saying from back in the 80's and 90's--a warning against being so open minded that your brain falls out.  I think we "smart" progressives are too often afflicted by that malady, as well.  And when the stakes are as high as they will be beginning January 20, 2017, we cannot afford to be brainless.   

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  1. There was so much blather, yeah blather, about voting my "conscience." There is a point where your private conscience has to take a back seat and do what is best for the city, county, state or country. The next president is the most unqualified candidate to have run in the history of the nation. There is no way around it and I'm getting damned sick and tired of the Bernie Bots blathering. Considering the history of political parties why in the hell would the democrats have thrown their full support behind what was essentially a carpet bagger who didn't register as a democrat until late last year. And now he's back to being an Independent. His supporters were so damned ignorant about the process some of them didn't even realize they had to REGISTER in order to vote in the primary or the general election.

    But hey, they preserved their precious "purity."