Monday, March 22, 2004

Is this getting Boring?

70. Anything smaller than a 16 oz. cup of coffee is of no interest to me.

71. The only soda I really like is cola. Pepsi or Coke, either will do.

72. I hated Kool-aid when I was a kid.

73. My favorite lunch when I was little was peanut butter-and-grape-jelly sandwich, chocolate milk (Hershey’s syrup) and potato chips. It’s a gourmet combination. Trust me.

74. The smell of anything barbecuing will make my mouth water, a la Pavlov’s dog.

75. I have never smoked. I can smell cigarette smoke, either in the air or on something or someone, from about a mile away.

76. I have never smoked marijuana. I don’t have any particular objection to the use of pot, I just never wanted to do it. It was almost a matter of rebellion against my own generation.

77. I’m afraid of heights. I used to get dizzy looking over the rail at two-story shopping malls to the shops below.

78. I love to drive. Jumping in the car and just driving somewhere is a form of recreation for me.

79. I’ve never served jury duty. I’ve gotten two jury summonses since we moved to this house three years ago, but they’re from the neighboring county. They seem to think we live in Multnomah County.

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  1. 79: I've served on 3 juries; two homicides and an embezzelment case. I'm thinking of making a living at it ~ that $5.00 a day will help maintain my #76 habit... 8)