Friday, March 5, 2004

MY Dream Life Movie Script (1 of 2)

Christina (ckays1967) wrote:

In life do we do what we are suppose to or do we do what we are born for?

Is a good job the right job?

When is it time to change?

Do you follow your head or heart?

What is the ideal career for you...schooling and aptitude aside?

The same day, or maybe the next, Marcy (punky5678) wrote a journal entry entitled "My Dream Life Movie Script."

How did you guys know that I was starting to get fed up with my job? That the old, "God, I wish I could do what I REALLY wanted with my life" was starting to swirl around my head again? So many of us who write journals write about what we wish we could be doing, instead of what we are doing. What is the difference between us and the people who end up having fantastic careers, doing exactly what they’ve always wanted to do? What do we lack? Opportunity? Funds? Chutzpah? A Sugar Daddy?

I told Marcy I would write my dream life script in my journal. It turned out to be a difficult task. Hard to choose what my REAL dream would be, since just about anything would be better than what I’m doing now. So, of the myriad of possibilities, I chose this:

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  1. I came here to see you, saw my stuff and got all confused. (I am a blond you know) Then left you a message in part two. Now I'm off to read Marcy. xxoo