Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The Last Part of the First Half

40. I drink…wine. Sometimes a little too much.

41. Champagne and chocolate are my idea of heaven.

42. I cry at the end of "The King and I"…every time.

43. I was totally in love with "Star Trek"-the original series—before the reruns. I was 14 when NBC cancelled it.

44. I miss the hot, muggy, summer nights in the midwest.

45. I love living where I live. That said, I would move back to Eugene in a heartbeat if it was at all feasible.

46. I am a fan of the Chicago Cubs.

47. My favorite spectator sport is NFL football. I can actually carry on a fairly decent conversation about it. Thanks to my husband and his Sunday afternoon addiction.

48. I love rhinestones, sequins, glitter, velvet, and anything sparkly during the holidays.

49. I can never have enough Christmas ornaments.


  1. We have alot in common, I like the Cubs, LUV the NFL and I buy Xmas decorations like crazy. Will do my list soon. Kristi

  2. 43: A fellow original Trekkie! I was totally in love with Spock, whom I believed I could change....


  3. 43. I was also "in love" with Mr. Spock although I knew all along he was too cerebral for me. What a kick!