Monday, June 21, 2004


Lately, I seem to be writing in a more political bent.  AND I'm starting to get comments from people with opposing viewpoints.  I think this is GREAT!

There are a lot of us here in AOL journal land.  From many walks of life.  From all areas of the country.  I have learned SO much by reading these journals.  Learned about the differences between us.  Learned about the similarities that exist, in spite of the differences.  I haven't had a lot of friends in my life...haven't really had contact with too many people outside my own little emotional bubble.  Being a part of the journal community has been a broadening and enriching experience for me.

One thing that has impressed me, is the capacity of most of us...well, at least the little group whose journals I read, and who read step outside ourselves. To make every attempt to understand and sympathize with what another "journalist" writes.  Whether it be a relationship issue, an emotional one, a practical one, or a political one.  We try to lift each other up, every day.  Try to impart positive energy through our computer keyboards, across the phone lines, and into the hearts of the people we read and write for. 

I think that, from time to time, we all feel we are "spending too much time online," and back off for a little while.  But the community is always there for us to come back to when we are ready.  And, I've got to ask...what's wrong with being involved in other people's lives?  What's bad about sharing with people, and having them share with you?  For the truly introverted among us, and we are legion, this is the deepest level of contact we have with other people.  Or am I wrong?  Am I the only person in the world who feels she really NEEDS the communtity of the other writers here? 

At any rate, I just want to say "Thank you."  This community is about sharing, and being THERE for one another.  And about ranting, and listening to someone else's rants, and understanding where they're coming from.  And for listening to the views of people you have become close to, in the unique way of the online relationship, and accepting those views as part of who they are, but not ALL of who they are.  So that there is a way to still be friends with someone who will not necessarily vote the way you will this November.  Can we keep this up?  Can we be polite and respectful of each other, even though we may not agree on everything?  This is what I value about the people I have met in this community.  And this is what I wish the rest of the world, or at the very least, the rest of our country, could be like. 


  1. Coming on line this morning I had 25 "alerts".  I just pointed and clicked and this was the one.  I have the same way about feelings for the people I've met on line.  I feel like I am visiting a  friend when I read your jnl. I think that we look for the similarities rather than differences, and that is the beauty of this experience.

  2. Beautiful entry! Lately, I've been feeling like I spend entirely too much time online. I'm a very social person who needs face-to-face interaction. So finding the balance is very difficult because I do feel vested in this community but I also know that I have friends in the "real" world that I can't push to the side. I definitely feel a need though to be here. Hmmm.... :-) ---Robbie

  3. Well, I've noticed that people are less apt to be controversial in their journals as they are on message boards.  But, it makes perfect sense.  On message boards, people might be reading our messages even if they don't like us.  People who read our journals are usually friendly with us, and they're doing a nice thing by frequenting our journal.  So, if they think our views are idiotic, probably won't be there, you know?

    Therefore, I find that people in journal-land are more able to discuss hot topics civilly, or else they avoid them altogether.  Or maybe it's my imagination.  I don't read *all the journals, of course, lol.

    I enjoy debating on the message board.  Enjoy reading about those same topics in journals, too.  

    And as to "spending too much time online."  Oy.  Can't say too much about *that! lol

  4. I would hope that the way I vote in November would not include me or exclude me from any group.  You are very passionate about your beliefs and I really admire you for that and for the way your articulate those beliefs.  I continue to learn so much from so many people here...

  5. You are so on target here. This is a supportive community, and the people journalling here have a significant claim on me.  you know that I love your journal, your political rants, and I value the friendship we share through this delicate medium.  It's something special, indeed.

  6. Great entry!  Until people understand and embrace that there is no absolutes in life like absolutely right and absolutely wrong, peace will always struggle.  Finding the middle ground is the key.   Sounds to me like you are stepping in its direction.  Kristi

  7. I really like your entry here. I was talking about this subject the other day, telling my friend how i read online journals {it helps give me insight into what other people's lives are like, and sometimes they are going through/ have gone through similar situations}.  I don't think there is anything wrong with being involved in other people's's sharing & learning about others {which life should be about}. ~Nikki~

  8. Lisa...I am with you on the idea of "needing" this community.  In many ways it is the thing that keeps me going and sometimes the best laugh I have during the day.  I care deeply about the people I have gotten to know and although I don't always comment I do read almost daily.  There is a sense of self and a sense of group in this writen world we share.  Heck, I think about you folks like I do my relatives who live far away.

    PS:  I personally will not ever tell who I vote for or why.  It's kind of like talking about sex and shoe shopping~those are such personal things.  

  9. hestiahomeschoolJune 25, 2004 at 1:50 PM

    I agree with you.  I am a full time mom. I would never get to meet a gay actor in San Fransisco, a Police Officer in Arizona, a nudist, a female impersonator...and find we are all essentially the same--other humans reaching out...