Thursday, July 8, 2004

the fall

cradled in a safe chair
hi-fi stereo streaming
through giant earmuffs
     wandering the paths
          peering ahead, trembling
               struggling against the magnet of the past
easy to see the whole
two decades seemed a lifetime…
add a score plus ten
and now it is
---half a lifetime, anyway
     so many years
          so many burdens
               so many losses
I went somewhere…I did
but fell back
long fall, in slow motion
back to the chair, the stereo
and the paths
     and the wondering
          and the trembling
               and the struggling


  1. Great poem! Makes me wonder what song took you on the trip. Oh so many do I guess. :-) ---Robbie

  2. One of my friends and I were wondering just a couple of days ago what on earth ever made us think that middle age wouldn't be packed with terrifying problems and uncertainties.

  3. Don't we all.  Is this yours?  I like.

  4. I love this, Lisa.  You're a poet!!!!  Share some more!!!

  5. This is a very nice poem.  You write very well.  I like the contents in here.

    Thank you for the nice comments on my blog.  I find it fascinating that you saw them build Great America here.  I remember you telling me that you are originally from here and you moved to the Northwest coast.  Can I ask what made you leave the best city in the world?

    Have you started reading My Life BTW?


  6. WOW   that's a great it!

  7. What a wonderful journal you have.... I will definitely be back. Loved your 'about me and the entries I have read so far. Leave the light on, I'll be back! Thanks for coming to see me, judi

  8. Oh, Lisa. I am so glad you shared this.  It's beautiful, and I relate to it so much.

  9. That is a lovely thing to read.  Thanks for sharing. :-)