Friday, February 3, 2006

A New Leaf

This morning, a couple days late, I ripped January 2006 off the calendar. Simple as that. It’s in the wastebasket. Where it belongs. For whatever reason, it was a rough month. I started out with a worse than usual case of the post holiday blues. Bouts of dire pain and hours spent staring at a bright light over the shoulder of a masked figure poking sharp objects into my face didn’t do a whole lot to chase away that malaise. What do you get when you add a heaping dose of "poor me" to a beaker already full to the brim with "life sucks?" Imagine a foaming, churning mess running down the front of a table in Frankenstein’s lab…

It’s a new month. Time to flip the page to February and get on with it. Isn’t that what the phrase "turning over a new leaf" refers to? A "leaf" as in, "page?" Of a notebook? Of a calendar? It’s funny…in my mind, when I hear that phrase, I picture a real leaf …a freshly unfurled, light-green one. Looking under it for something different. Something besides a toad…or dog poop. Which is what I feel like I’ve been wallowing in for the last forty days or so…

So, whether it’s a new "leaf" on the calendar, or the green leaves coming up in my garden, around the tiny winter flowers---the Japanese iris, the anemones, the crocus and grape hyacinths--it IS time.

And out with the blue...let's try green for awhile, shall we?


  1. The only blue I want to see is over my head. Preferably with a big, glowing shiny UFO in it. It's been so long since I've seen the sun it might as well be a UFO.

    Yes, grass green, leafy green, tulip and doffodil leaves green. Anything but moss green. LOL


  2. I'm ready for some spring flowers!

  3. I love the green, and I love that you threw away the month.  I like burning calendar pages, myself.  I'm so looking forward to Spring, and I'm looking forward to have something to look forward to.

  4. I had a similar time in December. So I made big decisions in January to change all the things I did not like and I am moving house, job etc to fit in with my new life. I have only just found your journal and so I do not know whether you need to change things too. I found your journal..if you would like to read minr the link is
    I hope you find it.

  5. Green -- always good.

    Thanks for your concern about the kitty.  I spent the whole week-end trying to get her to eat a few teaspoons of food.  I'm hoping we get to the vet today.