Friday, February 10, 2006

Vitamin D

The sun came out yesterday.... dog and mom and dad went for a walk on the dike along Multnomah Channel (the one that has been keeping the water IN the channel and not two feet deep in my living room...)

I think I had very nearly forgotten what color the sky was supposed to be. 


  1. This is a great picture!  We've been experiencing some extraordinary weather this past week; 36 to 38 degrees in the early morning and 70 to 75 degrees by mid-afternoon.  It's a lovely tease for perfect spring weather for which we're all starved.

  2. Lucy the spring loaded happy dancer. isn't the sun abosolutely glorius. I've been able to see the three sisters on the way home three evenings out of five this week. Not only the Sisters, but the hills in front of them. And that is rare in this part of the country.


  3.     Glad to see that the sun came out for you.  My brother lives up your way, and he said he has had it with the rain lately.  Isn't it strange .... It's 'feast' up your way, and 'famine' down here in mine.   Tina

  4. Look how skinny you are!! And how long your hair is. That old Dorothy Do has grown out I see!