Monday, March 27, 2006

Ten Good Things--Week 2

Last week sucked. And I made a promise to do a "Ten Good Things That Happened Last Week" list every Monday. I might be sitting here a really long time trying to flesh out that list. I think this is going to turn out to be an interesting feature… One of the world’s most finely-tuned pessimists wringing ten good things out of every seven days. At least it won’t be one of those fluffy, syrupy optimistic gushes that one feels in need of a turkey baster full of insulin after reading. :-P

Well, anyway...let's give it a shot:

  1. To go into detail on this one would be TMI. Suffice it to say it happened on our first night in our romantic, candle-lit little cabin retreat. A good time was had by all.
  2. We took the dog down to the local pet shop and used their "wash your own dog" set-up. Dog became a cleaner, sweeter smelling, slightly-less-hairy traveling companion, and I didn’t have my bathroom turned into the aftermath of a tsunami. Definitely worth the twelve bucks to leave the mess for someone else.
  3. I think I may have found an espresso machine for my business that will cost me less than $3000. Keeping my fingers crossed..
  4. Speaking of my business, found out from the tax lady that it actually made money last year. We were hoping, trying even, to lose money—in the interests of netting a comfortable tax refund. But hey…looks like I can make money without even trying. Might play well when I start going from bank to bank with my hand out…
  5. Found a wonderful new restaurant in our favorite vacation hang-out (Florence—on the Oregon coast directly west of Eugene.) I’m always of two minds when I find a great new place to eat. Excited about the discovery, quickly followed by frustration that it isn’t mine.
  6. Husband seems to be back on board the entrepreneurial train. Suddenly, he is gung-ho about the prospect of us having our own business together. This has happened before, only to have him lose interest when we can’t make it happen immediately. Now, I just have to figure out how to keep him engaged while we work out the details, which could take many months.
  7. Found the last piece of the plumbing puzzle for the downstairs bathroom remodel. My new john now has a functional toilet, running water, and a drain in the new sink down which that water can flow. Ah, the wonders of modern plumbing!
  8. All cats present and healthy when we returned from our five-day vacation. We have a "cat-sitter" come in twice a day to feed them, but it’s always a little iffy when a third of the brood are old and have health issues. First thing I do is walk in the door, count noses, and make sure everyone is breathing…
  9. I bought a new purse! This is an occasion…I get very attached to purses; I can spend months looking for the perfect replacement for the current model that I carry until it literally disintegrates.
  10. I drummed up another event for the business—an indoor event at the coast in May. Stopped by and scoped out the facility last week, and it looks like it will work marvelously well for us. Plenty of cooking equipment, so I won’t have to bring my own.

I will have to get into the habit writing these things down as they happen. Since I’ve started losing five zillion functional brain cells a day due to estrogen depravation, it’s getting hard for me to remember things that happened as long as seven days ago… And, looking over the list, I see it IS pretty boring. An unfortunately accurate reflection of my life in general, I’m afraid. But it really does help my outlook to spend at least a measly hour one day a week focusing on positive energy. It is SO the opposite of my usual tendency to wallow in the negative.

My dear old friends Jackie and Mary jumped on the bandwagon during the past week with their own lists. And all of you who commented about what a good idea it was, and then didn’t do one, what are you waiting for? J


  1. I immediately made my list last week and linked my readers to you.  And just now as you were posting yours, I was posting mine.  It is a really great idea and although it's not as easy as one would think, and some of mine are fairly boring.    

  2. Ok you got me. Why didn't I do it after commenting that it was a good idea? I guess a late start is better than no start, here is my list for this week:

  3. Here is mine

  4. Here is my entry...

    And I like your list. Especially the first one! Oohhh la la!

  5. For a week that wasn't your best,  it definitely had some highlights.  As for boring, whose is more dramatic?  Not anybody's in my little universe.  And lookit how people you've inspired with your idea!  For a pessimist, you've spread some sunshine. *debbi*

  6. Sounds pretty unboring to me. You actually made a little money, found a new place the showcase those great filled pastries, and a new place to eat. Not bad, not bad at all.


  7. Not boring at all, m'dear. Now, I never even hinted at doing this simply because my life is stagnant compared to yours. By the by, will anyone else be using the cooking facilities at the new place at the same time you will be there? Just a thought that crossed my brain, demanding I get it out of my head quickly.


  8. Ah purses, I know what you mean about purses.  I'm the same.  It takes me months to search for the perfect handbag too.

    10 good things from the past week.  Eeek.  Well you know the major good thing that happened for me in the last 7 days.  I think that will suffice for this week, don't you?

    Annie :-)

  9. I could not come up with ten.  Not last week.  This one has potential, though.

  10.     Good for you.   And you thought it couldn't happen ... lol.   Hey, if this was a bad week, just think how many things you will be able to come up with in a good one.  You might even have some things left over to save for a rainy day !  Tina

  11. I need to try this list making exercise but, I think I would need to write them down as they happen during the week.  Last week, I sat down and I'll be darned if I could think of more than one or two good things that stood out in my mind.  How sad is THAT?!?!?

    We have one of those self serve dog washes here.  What a godsend!!!  We're overdue for a trip.