Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ten Good Things Weekly

In a previous post, I lamented that blogging just did not seem fun any more. Last week, I participated in the first meme I have tried for a long, long time. And it was fun. It wasn’t socially redeeming, it wasn’t great, thoughtful, meaningful Writing…it was just fun. So, I thought, how can I make this kind of fun a regular feature in my journal?

Another phenomenon I have witnessed in a few blogs is the "Friday Random Ten…" This is where ipod owners randomly list ten songs they have downloaded onto their little escapist electronic contraptions (can you tell I have no particular love for ipods?) Though I have no interest in impressing my fellow bloggers with my eclectic tastes in music, I decided I do want to do a "Ten Things" list once a week. But, what I’m going to list is ten good things that happened in the previous week. I decided to do this list on Mondays, because the nature of my business will keep me away from the blogosphere on many Fridays over the months of my season.

So, here is my first weekly, "Ten Good Things" list, published, predictably, a day late:

  1. Finally gave up on the idea of doing my own taxes, collected all the stuff, and trundled it over to the tax lady’s office.
  2. Received a last-minute email request to cater an event…luckily, that weekend is available.
  3. I spoke to the bald eagle sitting in a tree next to the path on the dike. (S)he blinked at me…
  4. I backed the trailer absolutely straight into a campsite, on only the third try. (Slightly aided by the gentleman in the campsite across the road, who obligingly removed his truck from his own driveway, giving me plenty of room to maneuver J )
  5. I finished a living room art project I’d been putting off since Christmas.
  6. The special order faucet for our bathroom finally arrived, allowing husband to complete that project (which was started before Thanksgiving.)
  7. I remembered to bring my field glasses with me on our walks with the dog.
  8. …thus getting a great close-up look at a blue heron that was sunning on the channel, standing motionless with wings at half-mast.
  9. At last, spotted the hummer responsible for the mysterious disappearance of liquid from the hummingbird feeder. The level had been dropping, but I never saw a bird, so I thought the feeder must just be leaking.
  10. Flowers! Plum trees, daffodils, hyacinths, and the first early azaleas. Despite the wintry chill.

Whew! That was harder than I thought. Evidence of the lingering affects of my winter funk, I guess. I’m thinking it will be easier next Monday…


  1. This is an excellent idea.  But this is perhaps not the right week for me to start. <G>

  2. A very good idea ineed!  I am off to my own spot to try to come up with Ten Good Things.  Might be tough, but I'll do it!

  3. An excellent idea that I know I should pursue for many reasons. I'm traditionally very bad at doing anything regularly in my journal but there is probably a good benefit even if I only do ten good things that happened in the past month. Thanks for the reminder that we ALL, surely, have had ten good things happen to us in the last seven days.

  4. This is a great idea.  I'm going to try and pay close attention to the GOOD things that happen this week.

  5. That's ten good things. Especially, the birds. I've never seen a bald eagle you lucky devil.


  6. A blue heron, hummer, AND a bald eagle--I'd be jumping up and down.  Those alone would make an amazing list.  I agree this is a grand thing for all of us to do.

  7. Those are very good things!  What a great week for you!  Jae


  9. I love your list, mostly simple pleasures. Mother Nature provides so many simple pleasures but often people are too busy and they are simply over looked.

  10. I like this! I must remember to do this next week. This could be a really good way to lift your spirits for the coming week. Looking for good things.

  11. I did one last night.

  12.     Well done, my friend !  Sounds like you had a good week, despite whatever else may have happened.  You know what they say: " Accentuate the positive."  This is a wonderful idea for a regular feature.  I say, run with it .   Tina