Wednesday, January 7, 2004

Ice Age

I took my life in my hands--you think I'm kidding?--and slid out on the back deck to get a picture of what I've been complaining about.  This is what our whole world looks like right now.  We've been watching people along the block taking literally HOURS to chip the ice and snow off their cars.  I don't know where they could possibly need to go that badly!  Although I guess there are people out there who have important jobs.  I guess I would've been pissed off if all the folks who work at the grocery store had decided not to go to work today.

I never thought I'd be praying for RAIN in the middle of an Oregon winter!  :-]


  1. Somehow, ice covered trees and bushes are beautiful to me (but I can say that because I don't have any here...)

  2. I have always LOVED ice storms! I'd wake up & the sun would be shining & the whole world would look as if it had been covered in diamonds, like an impossibly beautiful fairy kingdom.

    Of course, I'm sorry about all the property destruction and all...but...DIAMONDS!.... : )

  3. txs--This assumes the sun would come out. We are talking about Oregon in winter here. The sun goes on vacation. :-]

  4. Ugh, just looking at that picture makes me cold. Sometimes it's not so bad living in Texas!