Friday, January 23, 2004

Natural Causes

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a movement outside the patio door.  I turned my head in time to see a little shower of feathers drifting above the fence.  Uh-oh...  Searching the nearby bare trees and bushes, I spotted him...a young sharp-shinned hawk breakfasting on the owner of the aforementioned feathers.  He was in the yard next door, perched on top of a birdhouse (how's that for in-your-face predation?), spewing more feathers about as he enjoyed his meal.  It was horrible, spell-binding, and beautiful  all at the same time.  Much like life.



  1. We came home one day last summer to find a red-tailed hawk dining on a squirrel in a tree in the back yard. My (then)2-year-old was very mad at the hawk, but I explained that everybody has to eat something---we learn a lot of life's lessons in our back yard.

  2. I love birds of prey even though watching them at their work can be gruesome. It is spell-binding and a reminder that the harsher stuff that life holds is still vital.

  3. It was horrible, spell-binding, and beautiful all at the same time. Much like life.

    how true these words this entry.