Friday, January 9, 2004

My Children (Zoo)

Everybody is writing about their's mine. 

Beaker:  Age: 13  Joined the family in 1990.  Started out being my niece's cat.  Niece moved back to stayed.

Bebe:  Age: 13.  Also joined family in 1990, about 3 months after Beaker.  For many years, Beak believed she was his own personal kitten.

Sprite:  Age:  12.  Abandoned the family who lived across the street to come live with us.  Try explaining THAT to your neighbors...

Bartie:  Age:  6.  Joined family when rescued as a tiny baby kitten trying to cross a five-lane highway.  Saved by a guy on a bicycle, who handed him to me. Mine now!

Choo-Choo:  Age:  4.  Acquired from my sister, who swore she was a male. Her favorite being in the whole wide world is her brother Sprite.  They are sometimes referred to as "Me" and "Mini-me." 

Maude:  Age: 3.  Also abandoned the family who lived across the street to come live with us.  New street, new neighbors...but still hard to explain.

Lucy:  Age: 3.  When I stopped working full-time, I decided I wanted a dog.  She understands that the word "dog" refers to her, but she has no idea she IS one.  Actually believes she is mostly human and partly cat...has no affinity for other canines whatsoever. 

These are the guys who own the husband and I are just the hired help.


  1. Beautiful family! Mine includes the cats, Ms. Kitty, Goblin, Gremlin, Shadow and Poppy, the black lab, Ladybelle, the border collie/beagle mix, Tippy, and the "collie-dors," Dottie, Zorro and Thor.

  2. Oh my goodness, how to you keep them all straight? They're beautiful.

  3. What a crowd! What lucky kitties! Funny how the neighbors cats keep adopting you. And that sweet dog in the middle. He must be confused!

  4. Bebe looks very much like my 19 year old,blind,[but frisky] Soren.

  5. Oh, they are so cute! My little boy was all fascinated with the dog in the middle. LOL