Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Countdown: Day 32

Let’s count the days, shall we? The days left until AOL leaves us twisting in the wind?

What an apt Halloween prank their pulling the plug on us will be…

Oh, I have another non-aol blog. The one I started back in…what was it, 2005? When AOL sprang the ads on us, and all hell broke loose?

Anyway, poor little old "Better Terms" hasn’t had much of a workout since we bought the café. I decided "Coming to Terms…" was just easier.

And I compose most of my worthwhile entries in "Word," and then save them to my hard drive. So it’s not like I’ll be desperately scraping to retrieve my great essays…

But I will mourn the community. The community of which I have never been more than a reluctant, shadow-dwelling part. It is quite a shock when someone hangs the "going out of business" sign on one of your favorite haunts.

At any rate….

For those of you who will want to follow me wherever I go (all three of you) I will be here:

Better Terms

Stop by, say hi, leave a comment…so I know you’re out there.



  1. There are only 4 AOL blogs I keep up with. You are the only one I know has another place for me to keep up with though.

  2. You know I'll find you Lisa.

  3. I found it but can't find the link to Follow it- Dannelle

  4. Thanks for the heads up. I didn't even know this was going on because I rarely go on to AOL anymore. I think AOL will eventually vanish completely. Once I clear out the remainder of my journal, I'm clearing out my emails too. Bueno-Bye!

  5. I can't say I didn't see this coming....sad though.  I remember when I first started blogging...  I really NEEDED some friends then and of course all the support I received through the Hurricane Katrina -vs- my daughter period.  I would have been lost without the aol bloggers.  Its sad to see it actually happen though.


    I actually stopped by to invite you to look at the photos from my sister's native american wedding ceremony that I posted on my blog (reopened) late last night.  http://stormswhisper.blogspot.com/  Stop by if you want.

    Take care.   I'm glad you still have Better Terms, though I will miss the more personal blogging here.

    You were one of my first friends on the aol version....Thanks for helping me get started.