Friday, September 12, 2008

Ten Minutes: This and That

Well, so much for posting a ten-minute entry every day.  Hey, I kept it up through most of the month of August, anyway.  Actually, it’s not like I haven’t been writing.  The past week we’ve been doing a lot of anti-Sarah Palin groaning over at the ensemble blog.


My, how that one sensationalist stunt of John McCain’s put our undies in a wad!  The whole tenor of “Election 2008” was transformed in one fell swoop.  It went from being an almost civilized contest where the issues were almost given due attention, to a pop-culture media circus of Britney Spears-like proportions.  Starring a forty-something Britney Spears who just  happened to be sitting in a governorship at the right moment.  Ugh!  I’ve said as much as I’m going to say on the subject over at Women On…  Go there if you’re interested in our take,..


I’m hating September so far this year.  After the Summer That Never Was, we seem to be having summer now.  We’re looking forward to temperatures in the nineties this coming weekend.  Well, someone may be looking forward to that, but not me.  I was done with summer a couple of weeks ago.  Now it just needs to…GO AWAY!  At least the geese won’t be denied.  I heard their wild honking through the skylight this morning as I was performing my toilette (getting ready for work.)  They know it’s supposed to be Autumn. 


And I have continued along on my mini-makeover.  Last week it was purple hair, this week, it’s the claws.  Yep.  I got my acrylic nails.  They are lovely fall colors of russet and gold, with a hint of glitter.  And they are a royal pain in the ass, and I’m having to learn to type all over again.  Which is why it’s taken me about twenty minutes to type this ten minute post.   


  1. Wow!  You went with acrylics?  I'm just poopin' along with my naturals, but I do go every couple of weeks for a buff and shine so-to-speak.  

    I haven't weighed in much at the ensemble blog.  Two reasons:  one I just cannot write one more word (and I only wrote two) about 'her'.  I refuse to give in to the media hype/circus/stunt of the rich and famous ... so she's off my radar from now on (or should I say since the day or two after?)

    I was hesitating with my vote.  I'm not now.  I am going to throw myself into the hurricane of change with the rest of you.  :)

  2. It's been a weird, wonky year. Spring lasted forever, then sombodyflipped a switch. I'm not really going to complain 'cause we got a bunch of tomatoes that still need to color up a little so they'll ripen in the garage.


  3. Ohhhhhhh, I wish I could do those nails.  I've never been able to keep 'em on though.  The color sounds gorgeous!