Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ten Minutes…Just Stuff

Today started out on a sour note, with terrible news from one of my best and longest-term ethereal friends.  Such an evil way to begin a day…and yet life is full of jarring realities.  They are at once shocking and predictable, on some level.  My heart sighs and sobs for my dear friend.  Her news seemed to have put the day in an entirely different perspective than it would have otherwise been. 


When someone you love is visited by tragedy, you look at each moment of your own life—past and present—a shade differently than before.  You feel grateful that you are not the one walking that walk; you feel helpless that you cannot bear some of the terrible burden.  You look at the sun with the realization that it is shining as always above your own head, but is possibly as remote as Pluto to this person you love.  Sadness, empathy, helplessness, gratitude…a strange cocktail of emotions to carry through the day.


Still, I had a hair appointment I had to keep.  And keep it I did. 


I am now sporting the shortest hair I have had since I was about ten years old.  I have been so frustrated with my hair.  Menopause seems to have turned my barely acceptable mane into a completely unmanageable rat’s nest.  Two months ago, I had my recalcitrant locks cropped to about chin length.  It was nice…it was presentable.  But after two months, it had already grown to the point where I could no longer deal with it.  So I resolved that on THIS appointment—which I had made two months ago when I had my last haircut—I was going to do something completely different.  Cut it the hell off, and do some kind of color I had never had before.


So now, I have short, purple hair.


I know that doesn’t sound great, but it actually looks okay.  It’s different.  It’s manageable (I think…I haven’t tried to style it myself, yet.) 


And my stylist kind of gave me the whole day-spa treatment.  She waxed my eyebrows (Ouch!)  and my “cat whiskers” (god, I love menopause…not!)  She offered a little mini-pedicure, which was particularly indulgent.  Hot soak, nail clip, painted toenails and a bit of a foot massage.  Ahhhhh….! 


All in all, a good/bad day off.  But I think I’m ready to dive in with both (painted) feet tomorrow morning...


  1. I am very glad you indulged yourself in a little pampering. You get so little time for yourself, unless you count cleaning jags to relieve frustration! I have to admire your choice of color, if mine wasn't pure white, Sharon Osborn magenta would be my choice. I love the way she looks now. Who da thunk it? Dannelle

  2. I want pictures.........


  3. purple.  Well.  That's different.  

  4. A day of pampering is good for the soul.