Thursday, September 25, 2008

September 25th


So, this is my first "blog."  I wonder how this will affect my writing, knowing that someone might actually read it?  I've been writing journals since I was in high school.  Always with the secret hope that someone might read them, and get to know or care about my thoughts, confusions, and yearnings.  (0 comments)



one year ago today, I opened the Pandora’s Box of AOL journals. LOL! I shouldn’t really call it that…nothing bad has come out. Except maybe the guilty feeling that I’m spending too much time here that could be better spent on something else; like housework, WORK work, exercising, reading Shakespeare…all the self-improvement crap you never do anyway.  (15 comments)



Seven hundred thirty-one days ago (that’s two years, including a leap-day), "Coming to Terms…" sprang forth from my keyboard to the AOL ether-waves. Well, maybe "sprang" isn’t exactly the word. More like clotted, chugged, and coughed. In those early days, posting entries presented challenges—both electronic and verbal—that are now the stuff of distant memory. (17 comments)



I just realized that I have passed the three-year mark on "Coming to Terms."

And what a long strange trip it’s been…Could it possibly be only three years that I have been chained to this love/hate relationship with the world of the blog?

Surely it is longer than three years…decades, perhaps…that I have known and cherished my "friends of the ether" out in journal land.  (8 comments)



Happy Birthday,

“Coming to Terms...”  (8 comments)



People and things that have endured at least five years of me:


My family (at least, most of them…)

My husband (31 years and counting…)

Eighteen pets… 

One or two friends…  Three homes…  Two jobs… 


…and “Coming to Terms…”


  1. Well, CONGRATS to you and your blog ... (and to me for finding you) May you write and live happily ever after ... okay, well, maybe that's a stretch.  :)

  2. Hard to believe! Here's to another five!

  3. Happy Birthday, Blog day whatever. And thanks for encouraging me to jump in the ocean with you.


  4. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite blogs around.

    And congratultions to you Lisa.  I'm so happy that I've had this chance to get to know you and share a part of your life.  Looking forward to many more years.


  5. Congratulations, Lisa!
    I known that owt there in Or-gun, you are just as concerned as I am abowt our neighbowr Russia, and so I know that I can COUNT on your vote.
    Love and Kisses from your new best friend, Sarah Palin!

    Just kidding.  I do still have that occasional moment.
    Happy Anniversary.

  6. Congrats and continued returns of the wordy day ;)

    My own five year anniversary came and went in July without notice by me, or anyone else for that matter. Most of the old gang have dropped by the wayside. Or fell out along the trail, no longer able to chew the hide. Or some such excuse. My turn can't be far away, I suspect. Too little grist for my mill, too many bitter memories no one wants to read or remember.

    At least we've had your restaurant and employee wind millls to read about. Politics being what it isn't and all...


  7. Congratulations!



  8. You are so brave to look back at your journal! I probably will never to that! Glad to have you around and may you continue many more "five years" worth~ Dannelle