Saturday, September 20, 2008

Very Cool

Today the city of Scappoose held its annual festival. Which brings the entire community to the blocks right outside the door of my café.

But what we learned from enduring the past two years' Sauerkraut Festivals is this:

Yes, the entire city parties right outside the doors…but they bring their own food.

So, this year, we decided to just…be open. And let the citizens of our fair town feel obligated to buy a cup of coffee so that they can use our bathrooms. Sigh!

Business being what it was, husband and I had the opportunity to "do" the festival. Which took all of about ten minutes. We did, however, come up with one incredible find.

An original oil painting, entered into the fine art contest at the library:


Look familiar?

Probably not.

Hint: The painting is titled "Café in the Heat of the Day."

My café. On the right. Tables on the sidewalk and all.

Very cool.

P.S.  Of course, the painting was for sale.  And yes...we bought it.  :-]


  1. Too cool. Really too cool. I can hardly wait to see the real thing.


  2. Are you putting the painting up in the Cafe?  I may just have to travel over the mountain to see it in person.....and t see you in person.

  3. How cool!  That is really neat.



  4. What a great find!  I always like it when I'm in a resteraunt and they have either artwork, or old photos featuring the place.  It gives me the sense that the owners are really proud of what they have.  I'm thrilled that you stumbled onto this.

  5. That's great! Imagine finding that picture was the highlight of the festivial for you. Hope they had other goodies to go with the Sauerkraut- Dannelle

  6. VERY COOL!  And may I say the painting is quite good?  LOL ... what a find.  :)