Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Oh. boy, I can do big pictures

I had such picture envy for other people's journals.  Everybody seemed to know the secret of putting big, borderless pictures in their journals...except me.  Well, thanks to Mary (Alphawoman1) I now know the secret.  Look out, y'all!

The picture above is of my dog, Lucy, going off on her "it's-all-about-the-dog-at-the-beach" trip.  And that other character in the picture is...well, just some guy I met at the beach (heh-heh.)

When it comes to my dog, she is ALL about the beach.  Specifically, playing with the dog on the beach.  As soon as we hit the sand, she starts popping up and down, performing these spectacular head-high "sproings" from a standing start.  Don't know how she does it.  This is our signal to find a stick for the dog to chase on the beach.  Woe be to you if you do NOT find a stick.  Then, you needs must throw said stick, for the dog to chase and bring back to you, to throw infinitum.  I really don't know how long she would chase if you were willing to keep throwing.  Probably forever...haven't tested that theory yet.

And then there is the drama of the walk TO and FROM the beach.  The beach approach has dog with head up, tail wagging, straining forward on the leash.  LEAVING the beach, however, finds dog with head down, tail dragging, and being dragged herself behind the humans who are cruel enough to take her away form the beach.  Back in camp, she literally sulks for hours.  My dog, the drama queen.

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