Thursday, October 9, 2003


Did I mention that I drag myself to the pool three times a week to do water aerobics?  I'm thinner, sleeker, and I have more energy than I used to...and I STILL have to do the major spin job for myself on the subject of vigorous exercise every MWF am.  Once I get myself out of the house and in the pool, I'm fine.  I just do the workout and everything's cool.  But it's so HARD for me to get there, and it doesn't get any easier.

And then, you have to deal with the other swimmers.  The pool is a culture unto itself.  Most of the exercise classes are filled with women (and men) who are more intent on socializing than on actually working out.  Which is why I didn't join a class...I just take my own equipment and do my own thing during lap swim time. And I'm sure the other pool-goers think I'm anti-social  (I keep coming back to that, somehow) because I figure I'm there to exercise my body, not my mouth.  By now, most of the other children have learned that "hi" or "good morning" are about all they're going to get out of me, so they let me be. 

There ARE a couple of really spooky old men who hang out at the pool.  One guy in particular totally grosses me out...  He swims laps, down the pool freestyle, backstroke back up the pool.  The whole time he's swimming on his back, he's...what would you call it....hucking and spitting?  Hocking lugies?  Stroke, stroke, hchckkk, THOO!  Absolutely makes me want to hurl my Slimfast!  He'd better pray he never hits me with one, lest the full fury of an arthritic, hot-flashing pre-menopausal maniac rain down upon him.    

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