Monday, June 5, 2006

Ten Good Things--Week 12

Last week, rather than concocting yet another list of ten short recaps of good things that had befallen me over the week, I chose to write in depth about one good thing—the one thing that had hit me in the head with a brick of blessing and wonderment. This week, I’ll go back to my original formula.

Or maybe not. It occurs to me that my little lists are getting boring, and are no longer particularly engaging to anyone outside my head. But I made a commitment to the exercise, and I’m going to continue it. So, rather than go into a lot of tedious detail that no one reads or cares about anyway (except me) I’ll make the items short and sweet. Let’s see how good I am at editing.

And, oh…this list is going to include the things I left out from the previous week, too. Mainly because there was more good stuff that week than this past week, and I‘ll need to go back that far to flesh out the list.

  1. Found some neat plants at my favorite nursery outside Florence. Now all I have to do is get them in the ground…
  2. My good friend Jackie and her mom, Kathryn, surprised us at our event in Yachats over Memorial Day weekend. Went out to dinner with us afterward and we all had such a good time.
  3. Single-handedly, sans step-by-step telephone instructions from the husband, I remembered how to set up the canopy on the trailer. I am woman, hear me roar. (After the 45-minute saga of backing the trailer into the campsite, this was a much-needed victory.)
  4. Lovejoy’s Tea House. Great food. Great wine. Great d├ęcor. Wish it were mine.
  5. Truck threatens to crap out (yet again) 150 miles from home. Spend $35 at a Dodge dealership to find out it is just being a pain in the ass.
  6. Took advantage of the luxury of a commercial-sized 3-compartment sink to thoroughly wash all my baking pans. God/dess willing, very soon I shall have one of my very own.
  7. Contacted lawyer. Contacted accountant. Progress is being made.
  8. I am now officially the president of a corporation.
  9. Successfully combined last weekend’s event with a five-day camping holiday. Dog, beach, campfires, cribbage, rain L … But enough sunshine to make me feel that I have accomplished vacation. Maybe the last one for a few years…
  10. Met a set-up challenge at the event we just finished yesterday, with a free, no-trip-to-the-hardware-store solution. Husband was bummed. He lives for those hardware store trips. But the bank balance came out smiling.

There you go. That was quick and painless. And a very welcome bright spot after today’s grueling schedule of dealing with people and matters about which I am utterly clueless. It takes a tremendous act of will for me to sally forth into this kind of uncharted water. And tonight, I am just exhausted. Time to try to get some sleep around the hot flashes (they seem to pick up steam when I am stressed) and start all over again tomorrow.


  1. I love your lists and don't find them boring at all.  They help me look at my own life to see the good things.  Congrats, Madame President.

  2. Boring.....never!! Glad you are keeping it up. I have fallen to the wayside due to the vacation and then the huge world rocking announcement about bridget getting married. I have not got my legs back under me yet.

    Congrats on Ms. Prez!!!

  3. Congratulations, Madame President!

  4. I love this exercise and it never bores me.  I want to do this in my journal and hope you don't mind if I copy sometime!!  Excellent to remember the good and find the good in our lives.  Hugs,

  5. lightyears2venusJune 6, 2006 at 7:06 PM

    I think I'll go with All Hail Corporate Goddess and Handywoman Extraordinaire.   I would be so scared, too; keep visualizing the sink and sail on.

  6. All hail the corporate Goddess. And where is Lovejoy's Teahouse? Sounds wonderful.


  7.  Lisa .... if you find an answer to those hot flashes, let me know, because they are just about killling me.  But, back to your list ... it sounds as though things are really moving forward in this new business venture.  Glad to hear it.  I admire you for stepping out there and going after what you want.  It is very easy, and quite tempting, to throw in the towel, so I'm glad to see that you are truly making a go of it.  Hey ...nothing ventured, nothing gained !   Tina