Friday, November 22, 2013

And The Answer Is....

Looks like, “Not.”

Interviewer didn’t bother to call back and inform me of the thumbs up or thumbs down in the time frame promised.  Though I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to happen.  It is indeed a fact that I have no talent for predicting the outcome of an interview.  But let’s just say I didn’t feel a lot of love when I left that building Wednesday morning.  And when you have sat talking with three women for a half hour and you feel no emotional connection at the end of the conversation, you get that you haven’t been accepted into the tribe. 

There is an upside to this, however.

After the interview, I decided that I would be rewarded either way.  If the job didn’t want me, Klamath Falls did.

So, I kind of gave the Universe a couple of options.  If I was supposed to go back to work, I would land the position.  If the Almighty preferred I continue on the tack I’m on now, I would plan another week in Klamath in January of 2014. 

Looks like the Universe chose the wildlife.



  1. Klamath Falls is where your NWR is? Cracking up here. When Ris was at Willamette, we were out to dinner with a group of her friends one night and one of the guys was from KF. I said I wanted to go there; it sounded like a beautiful place. He assured me that there was nothing there at all!

    Sorry about the job, but not so much if it means more photographs for the rest of us.

  2. The town itself is not much, but its location is pretty primo when it comes to outdoor activities. Ten thousand acres of wildlife refuge within spitting distance, and an hour-and-a-half drive to Crater Lake to the north or Mt. Shasta to the south. And since it's literally in the middle of nowhere, folks aren't exactly lining up to vacation in K-Falls. Perfect for me!