Sunday, November 10, 2013

Seriously Belated; But Nonetheless Heartfelt

Since about the end of July, I’ve been in a weird space when it comes to writing.  Not one of those, “Nobody reads so I’m just not gonna write…hmph!” spaces.  Nor yet suffering from a colossal case of writers’ block.  Certainly not too busy to write (as if!)  I just…didn’t want to.  Aggressively.  I think it was because I felt I had nothing to say.  It crossed my mind that I may just have said everything.  And to start saying it all over again would not exactly be a sterling example of the creative process at work.  I've turned some kind of a corner, now.  And have decided what I'm doing.  And it seems to be working.

But I was in such an anti-writing state mid-year that I let the month of September go by without even a terse acknowledgment of the tenth anniversary of “Coming to Terms…”  I only just noticed that this morning—six weeks late.  Pretty lame.  And I really do feel bad about it.  Because this blog—this thing that I’ve obsessed over, cast aside like an old rag doll and everything in between—is a good thing.

Do I mean that the writing is good?  Nah…  I don’t know.  Maybe sometimes.

Or that it tells a good story, however sketchy the writing might be?  Probably not.  Too much angst, too much “let me out of my head” blather.

No…I think it’s just a good thing for me.  There’s history, here, of a great community of which I was one of the (however reluctant) founding members.  There’s a virtual paper trail of the discovery of  my personal voice as a political ranter.  There’s an album of my blossoming love affair with digital photography.  There is a diary of my spiritual journey.

There’s me.  I am here.

And I’ve been here for ten years.  Which is pretty much longer than I’ve done just about anything.

Ten years.

Thursday, September 25, 2003


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Thank you all for reading.


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HB Coming To Terms


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Coming To Terms is coming up on its sixth birthday.


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Since September 25th, 2003

Seven years is a pretty long time to do anything.
HB, "CtT..."


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

From famine through feast and back again.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Better late than never...

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Seriously Belated; But Nonetheless Heartfelt



  1. Ten years is a good long history to have in writing, and something to celebrate indeed! I for one appreciate your writing - often provocative and thoughtful.

  2. You have more lurkers than you know, and those who use RSS readers probably don't show up in "visit" counts.

    I have found that writing (blogging) clarifies my thinking. I'm forced to put my thoughts to the test of logic. "Does this make sense?" Sometimes the thinking doesn't make it into the blog, but the thinking wouldn't have happened without the blog.

    Blog for yourself, not for others. When anyone says they have nothing more to say, they really mean they don't think others want to hear/read it, but they themselves actually have plenty to mull. And even only one or two lurking readers keeps you honest with yourself.