Thursday, January 8, 2004


I'm SO disgusted with myself.  I pigged out and blobbed around over the holidays so much that I must've gained at least five pounds (I refuse to get on the scale.)  And, I've gone backward about a year in my fitness routine just by blowing it off for two weeks.  Went to the pool on Monday (when I could still leave the house), and could only manage about 80% of my usual workout.  And now I've been stuck in the house for three days, and my determination to re-start my fitness routine has pretty much been snowed out.

Cruising the after-Christmas sales with a Target gift certificate, I found a video that caught my eye:  Pilates for Dummies.  Decided I needed to have it, since my ab muscles resemble a six-pack...of pillows.  Well, I tore the thing open today out of EXTREME boredom.  Rolled around on the floor for a half an hour accompanied by the sweet, calming voice of the serene little blonde in the video...SHE can actually sit on the floor with her legs out in front of her and her back straight.  And THEN she can stretch forward and touch the floor.   Found out THAT is a skill I lost somewhere in my twenties...

Well, I completed the workout...looking, I'm sure, like a beached sea creature struggling to get back to the surf.  If "purity of form" is indeed the most important element of this fitness regimen, my form needs a ride in an autoclave.  You'd think something that is mostly about breathing and counting to ten would be more...DOable.  But, as usual, my mind is a decade or two younger than my poor 48-year-old body (I originally typed "47" see?  My disconnected brain has no idea how old I AM...)

I'm sure I'll get the hang of this eventually.  I'm challenged, now, by golly!  ...If I don't end up in traction.    


  1. Pilates DOES assume you have ab muscles to begin with. Between the lack of ab strength and trying to contort to see the tv from the floor - I thought the possibility of bodily damage might outweigh the benefits.
    Back to the water baby!!

  2. I'm 43 and I swear I don't remember how I got this old. Feels like yesterday I was 16. My oldest daughter turns 20 in a couple of weeks. When I think about that I simply want to cry!!! Oh, and at least you're attempting to exercise. That's a start.

  3. I'm so lazy. I can't lose five pounds for over two years now..........I love chocolate. LOL!

  4. A rigorous dedication to Pilates will indeed build strength and character. I think we should all just type "35" for our ages instead and...hey!...I feel & look better already!.... : )