Thursday, January 1, 2004


Okay, it's time to rate 2003.  On a scale of 100...I'd have to give it an 85.  (It had a good beat, and you could dance to it...)  It was generally a good year, with some minor mishaps along the way.  Like when the tranny went out on the van on the way to the coast...pulling the brand-new trailer up a a "no cel service" zone.  That turned out to be $2500 worth of not-so-fun.  But if that's the worst thing that happened all year, I guess I'd have to rate 2003 right up there with the top ten good years of my life. Life actually seems to be going in a direction now.  There were a few years there that I was just treading water...and feeling pretty good about even being able to do THAT, rather than drowning. 

Resolutions?  I make resolutions all the time.  Daily, in fact.  Every morning, I fall out of bed with a list of at least a dozen things I want to get accomplished that day...everything from hauling my ass to the pool, to finding a solution to the nation's health care crisis (might as well aim high!)  As the day wears on and I'm distracted by the "stuff" of life---like an irresistable urge to sit and watch two episodes of "ER" on TNT---my list becomes more "streamlined..."  I start to blow stuff off.  Normally, I complete one or two of the dozen or so things I'd started out wanting to do.  If I get to three or four, I feel particularly proud of myself. 

I don't think I'm inclined to write a list of what I'd like to do this year.  I think I just want to keep on keeping on,  Last year, I made some positive moves toward healing some relationships in my life, and toward rejoining the human race.  I'd definitely like to stay on that track.  Other than that, I'd just like for myself and the people close to me to stay healthy, active, and out of trouble.Given that, and a few less hot-flashes and night sweats,  and 2004 could take its place among the top ten years of my life.

Oh.   And I want to win Powerball... 


  1. I want to win Powerball, too. Happy New Year.

  2. I can see AOL journals are quickly becoming a HUGE distraction for me. I've got to slap myself come Monday when everyone goes back to school and get something accomplished! I hope 04 keeps you on the positive track you're on - AND you win Powerball!

  3. Can't we all win Powerball?..... : )