Sunday, January 4, 2004

Up and at 'em...Later

I spent an hour last night prying off my acrylic nails.  They were nice to have for the holidays, but the holidays are over..*alas*.  I'm taking today as my transition day.  The last day of the last weekend of the holiday 2003-2004 season.   We're going to a concert this afternoon, and then I'm going to come home and sit and stare at my lovely decorations until they're imprinted in my mind (LOL).  And tomorrow morning, I'm going to get up bright and early (maybe) and start "de-decorating." 

I would almost rather walk across burning coals than take down Christmas decorations.  My Christmas stuff fills about a dozen huge closet in the house is big enough to hold it.  Luckily, we have built-in storage under the stairs that holds about half of it.  The rest of it resides on my husband's giant storage racks (you'd have to see our garage...between the display racks Matt scored from a home center that was going out of business, and the stacks of restaurant equipment, it looks like a warehouse.  And, by golly, we can still fit two vehicles in there.  Husband is a stuff-stacking genius.)

Here's the list: I have plans to paint my bedroom (we bought the paint two years ago...), finish the remodel of our family room, join Weight Watchers, alternate workouts at the pool and the gym, continue volunteering at the fairgrounds, continue working at the old people's home,  and do some major landscaping changes come Spring.  All this has to be done by April, as that is when my season starts with the concession trailer.  After that, just about every weekend until October is shot with some event or another.  Maybe we'll even make some money this year!

Yes, tomorrow is the first day of the rest of the year.  Today, however, is the last day of the holidays...and I'm just going to soak in it.



  1. I hope your last day of holidays was terrific. I too have a to do list a mile long - and it's back to the "routine" tomorrow. Time to roll up those sleeves......

  2. Right! New Years resolutions do not take effect until Monday. Ever. It's written....somewhere.
    Anyway, I like your plans. They sound busy, productive and happy....(you have STORAGE RACKS?) LUCKY! ... : )