Wednesday, January 7, 2004

The Weather STILL Sucks

I cannot believe this hideous weather!  We are having a midwestern winter---and a bad one, at that---right here in the Pacific Northwest.  Yesterday it snowed about five more inches, and then it went to ice pellets, then to freezing rain overnight.  Everything is piled with snow and coated with ice.  The region is at a standstill...we don't DO snow and ice here.  At least not in this quantity!  The weather people have been predicting a mid-week thaw since last week.  But of course that hasn't happened, which is why the saying is, "Only fools and foreigners believe the weatherman in Oregon."

My husband is on his second day of being forced to stay home from work because of this thing.  He's been *sort of* helpful... I have "de-decorated" two rooms, and I actually had him help me in the family room yesterday, so that was nice.  But between "What's for dinner?" and "What's for lunch?" and "Let's go outside and play with the dog!" I haven't gotten much else done around the house.  Truthfully, I haven't felt very industrious.  For some reason, this awful weather has me just wanting to curl up in a chair, stuff myself with carbs, and stare at the television or read.  I think my body is being triggered to hibernate.

The target of most of my work and worry the last week or so has been the poor birds.  They're getting screwed bigtime.  These are Oregon birds...they don't understand this weather.  The robins don't go south for the winter here...why should they?  It rains so much, there's always a plentiful supply of worms.  Well, the ground has been frozen for over a week, they've stripped every berry off every bush I can see, and they're sitting on my fence, all puffed up, going "Cheep!  Cheep!"  I'm sure they're not smart enough to be begging, but that's what it LOOKS like.  I went down to the corner store and bought 4 dozen worms yesterday (bait) and tried to entice them.  They took a few, but the endeavor wasn't a great success.  I hope I won't be outside digging little robin graves at the end of this crappy cold spell!   


  1. I've never been to Oregon, so I don't know much about the weather there. If you guys are anything like Atlanta, the world comes to an end at the HINT of snow. I hope the weather improves soon. And you are such a good soul to be looking after the birds. The world could use more people like you.

  2. I think that hibernating thing is a natural response to this type of weather. You just want to get yourself cozy and wait it out. Hopefully it won't be long of a wait for you.
    It never would have occured to me to go BUY worms! Those lucky birds who perched on YOUR fence. I know when it snows here - they pick the feeders clean in record time. It's all they can get to.