Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Gag Me

Apparently, Cheeto and his sleazy wife attended a Christmas Eve service at a church in a standing ovation by other church-goers (seriously???)  The Trumps' well-publicized lame bid to appear devout evidently impressed  his faithful.  A woman on a comment thread on a friend's Facebook post had this to say:

Yes it was great to see the Prez elect at their church and going to communion on Christmas Eve. Refreshing since BO doesn't go to church at all...... there's hope for Christians yet!! 


DJT has a church that he attends when in PB. NYC I am not sure. BO and fam have gone 3x year and only on 1 Christmas in 2011. "Too busy" says Michelle...

Another commenter countered:  

actions speak louder than words. Barack had no affairs while married, has only one wife, no grabbing pussy, no denigrating a war hero, no stirring up hatred . Though somehow the man who talked about starting a nuclear arms race on Christmas is more Christian than Obama. OK

To which Ms Trump Apologist replied:

yes actions do speak .... agree. Little bit too much drama in your comments .... there was no " grabbing" and no starting of any nuclear war...... calm down and chill. I am not judging his marital history... that has nothing to do with being Prez. He's been married over 10 years and has a son and family he adores. I respect that. We need change so let's see where it goes.

This is how they think.  This is how they view everything Trump does through an adoring haze, and everything Obama has tried to do for the last 8 years through the veil of shit smeared by the likes of right-wing hate radio, Faux News and congressional Republicans, to name a few.

I. Can't. Stand. It. 

For what it's worth, here is MY response to this...person (what words could adequately capture the degree of delusion from which she suffers????)

I'm sure there are aspects of Trump that are deserving of respect or praise, but being a role model of a practicing Christian is not one of them. If you want to stand behind Trump, you are free to do so, but stand behind him for what he IS, not what you wish he was.

Also...if you are personally a church-attending Christian, it can't have esaped your notice that there are those who faithfully attend church on Sundays, and then live the rest of their lives as if they had never heard of Christ or his message. Whether or not a person attends a weekly religious service is in no way an indication of what is in a person's heart, and I'm pretty sure you know that.

Shouting down a sewer hole, I know.  But sometimes, you just...have to. 



  1. have these folks stopped to think about the disruption a sitting president would cause in their church? The secret service? The media? Oh, and you don't have to go to church to worship. Personally I feel closer to Creation on a basalt cliff on the coast with the wind roaring in my ears than I ever did within four walls.

    1. Not to mention that a person who actually has respect for the church and the Christian faith would understand that the service is supposed to be about God, not about famous attendees; and would decline to attend so as not to take the focus away from where it belongs. I suspect Trump was more about the standing ovation than the worship...