Friday, December 23, 2016

Tweeting Dangerously

I have kind of shut down on the political posts.  I, like everyone else, am shell-shocked, angry, confused, and very, very worried about what is going to happen in the next four years...perhaps even by the end of February.  It doesn't bear thinking--or writing--about. 

But Dan Rather HAS to keep his oar in.  Bleeding heart liberal old fart that he is, he's also a journalist who cut his teeth when journalism was still...a thing.  Saw this post by Rather on Facebook today, and even though I'm dedicated to avoiding that medium to the best of my ability, Rather's thoughts resonated with me...and this was my reaction:

Trump managed to tweet his way to just enough popularity to finegle his way on to arguably the largest stage on the planet. The whole world is watching him, now...and if he feels like he's not getting enough attention, he tweets bullshit like this. He's the five-year-old-in-chief (and he hasn't even taken office yet.) His psychopathic demand for all the attention all the time is what won him the presidency, and it is what makes him the most dangerous man to hold that office in centuries...possibly ever. I hope the world can survive his reign.

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  1. Trump is....I don't know. A spoiled child in a man's body? A total idiot? So totally surrounded by yes men and women that there is no one including his own children to take away his phone and tell him to shut up? I'm almost tempted to watch his inauguration speech to see how a guy with a vocabulary of about four to five hundred words pulls it off. Almost.