Monday, December 26, 2016

Seasonal Realities

Saw this strip in the Register Guard on Sunday.  This guy (Greg Evans) nailed it!

Anoy-Yu, China!  THAT's where they make all this stuff.  LOL! 

Seriously, though...I've noticed that so many people are not putting up lights anymore.  Could it be that they are made like such C.R.A.P. that it's not worth the effort, not to mention the expense?  Maybe we've all shelled out $100 or $200 too much on cute light sculptures that crap out two weeks after you put them out, and we're just fed up.

As for me...just give me the good old C9's.  At least the whole *&%$ string (or, more annoying, HALF of it) doesn't go out when one light burns out. 

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