Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Can't We Just Kill It Now?

This election season has already been a trial almost beyond bearing.  And unmercifully L----O----N----G; the first candidate declared his intentions to run almost 19 months ago.

Hillary had to withstand the meat-grinder of the primary, where Bernie Sanders' "positive campaign based on the issues" almost instantly devolved into a Clinton-smearing crusade as vicious as any special investigation launched by Republicans over the past twenty years.  All the Republicans had to do was sit back and watch the fun.  And collect ammunition.  Clinton has soldiered on, looking more and more like the bandaged piper emerging from the mists of battle in Archibald Willard's painting "Spirit of '76."  And, in that condition, she has attempted to cross intellectual swords with a man who has no intellect.  Surrounded by a gallery full of onlookers as dense as their champion.  

That would be Cheeto Jesus.  The orange messiah.  In the midst of the circus that was the Republican primary, he declared that he could walk down 5th Avenue and shoot someone, and not lose any voters.  And god help us, he was dead on accurate.  Intelligent members of the electorate have looked on in disbelief as any perceived misstep on his part manifests itself into a rise in the polls and an upsurge of his appeal in the eyes of his faithful.  Just when we hope against hope that he has finally shot himself in the foot enough times to cause him to topple, he comes roaring back, through the auspices of free television time granted him by the misbegotten "debate" schedule.  People see the familiar orange face of this bigoted, misogynistic bully on TV and they think they're watching just another episode of The Apprentice.  No matter what he says or does...he wins!  He's the boss;  Hillary Clinton is fired.    

And, oh...dear god.  There's another debacle...um, debate...scheduled for next week.  Puh-leeeez

Euthanasia has figured prominently in my life the past few months. I've had to resort to that merciful method of ending a life twice in  six weeks. So I find the concept bubbling to the surface when I ponder the 2016 presidential campaign and how to put an end to the agony. Isn't there some way we can just put this thing out of its (our) misery?

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  1. I sympathise and empathise, these election campaigns get worse and worse. Spare a thought for us in Scotland, who had to endure two whole years of campaigning for an independence referendum, in 2014; and although the result was "no", they're still going on about a re-run.