Wednesday, October 5, 2016

STILL No Debate

It's probably not kosher for to comment upon a debate I did not watch...but, seriously!  Who watches these things, and why!!?!?

I know many of my friends, internet and otherwise, seem to think it's part of their civic duty to watch these media-hyped train wrecks thinly disguised as important political discourse.  I submit that not only are televised debates NOT meant to inform voters about the candidates' positions on pressing issues of the day, but that has never, ever been what they're about.

Since television first became a player in the political process, back in the 1960 election, televised repartee between candidates has been about which candidate is more telegenic.  We all know it's been theorized that Kennedy won that election because of his natural ability to appear poised (not to mention good-looking) in front of television cameras.  As well, I've heard it said that, had TV been in the picture in the 30's when FDR won his first presidential term, Americans would never have cast their votes for a "weakling" in a wheelchair.

So, I'm asking anyone who reads this and DID watch last night's clown show:  WHY did you watch? Really--why?   Curiosity?  A desire for actual information?  That odd human quirk that compels us to gauk at disasters, unable to turn away no matter how ghastly the carnage?  

I honestly don't mean to disrespect those of you who did watch last night; many of my intelligent, thoughtful  friends did.  I'm sorry that I'm unable to tone down my contempt for the event.  It's just that I believe if we continue to tune in to the crap the media wants to disguise as news, what we are served is only going to get worse.  Why should things get better if we dignify the unacceptable status quo by tuning in?

Where, then, do we go to get the information we need to make decently informed voting decisions?  I have to admit, you've got me there.  Wish I had an answer.  Any thoughts?

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  1. Didnt watch either. Not good for my blood pressure. And I can't stomach the Republican candidates. Hell, I came from a long line of Republicans, couldn't stand the thought of being in the same party with Tricky Dick Nixon. Bwtween him, Pat Buchanan and the Watergate debacle i believe that many of our current problems started with Nixon, not Reagan.