Sunday, October 2, 2016

Experiments Are Good, Right?

This blog challenge gives me the opportunity to try some new things... Like posting with my iPhone. I just got a message from Blogger that "this browser is unsupported."  We'll see how much of a pain in the ass that makes this...

So...I'm posting from Astoria Sunday Market, which is what I do on Sundays from May through October. Just took some pix...  Let's see if I can post them without blowing up the internet or going over my data allowance (which is miniscule...)  When I try to add a picture, my photos on this phone do not come up as one of the choices of locations from which to obtain pictures.  Hmm.  I will have to work on that some.  Meanwhile, I'll just post this and see if I can squeeze in the pictures somehow later.

Here are the pics...and I am bummed that I had to wait until I got all the way home to my own private internet connection to post them.  If anyone knows the secret to posting pictures from an iPhone to blogger, let me in on it.  Also, got a notice fro my cel provider that I was closing in on my data limit, in the process.  So no posting pictures from the iPhone in any case, maybe?

Our market booth from the front.  Sannies in the middle,
menu board on the right, husband in back.

Me, fake-loading a tray of salmon pockets into the oven, for demonstration purposes...

The view outward from inside the booth.  Next door is the crab cake lady, across the way with the red sign is smoked salmon chowder,
the ducked-out canopy you can almost see, carne asada tacos.
Expected rain today, but the weather was actually decent.  Chilly and cloudy, but only about a twenty-minute shower in the middle of the day.  Unfortunately, potential market-goers expected rain as well, so they were not much in evidence.  Sales were not great....but it was $500 more than we would have made if we hadn't showed up. 
So there you have it.  That is what I do for a living. 


  1. Good luck. Speaking of tech support. The Guard has a great article from a U of O assistant professor on FB and how they manipulate information feeds. HOWEVER when I try to ACCESS the damn article on the Guard website I get a no server message. On everything except the classifieds. Techonology. Hope you do post some pics. I'd love to see them.

  2. I'm impressed you were able to post your essay from your phone. Keeping up with all the new stuff is mind boggling.