Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Long-Suffering is Definitely the Word(s?)

It is said that Chicago sports fans are the most loyal fans in the world.

Even in this new age of  "talent for hire," where there is no such thing as a player who allows himself to be the brand for any one team for his entire career;  where talent and ability are sold to the highest bidder, and even the highest bid is never quite enough, Chicago fans support their teams--especially their Bears and their Cubbies--through good times and bad.

I used to be a's one of the things my husband and I shared, back in the olden days.  But the culture of blood and greed that has permeated the games has chased me away.  I'm no longer able to call myself a "fan" of a bunch of greedy brats to whom winning is everything, and losing is for losers; and who demand a king's ransom of a salary to play...a kid's game.  I am just not inspired by that kind of crap.  Quite the opposite, I'm afraid. 

The husband...well, the husband hangs in there.  He's a Chicago fan through and through.  And when they say that Chicago fans are the most long-suffering in history, they are looking straight at Mr. Matt.

He was born and raised in the Chicago area, steeped in the "there's always next year" culture of the Windy City sports fan.  In 1984, we moved to Oregon.  The Cubs went to the playoffs that year, their first post-season appearance since the 1945 World Series. 

At the same time, the Bears started their 15-1 season that led them to the 1985 Super Bowl Championship in February of 1985.

Husband got to view both of these momentous events from 2000 miles away, a misty tear of longing in his eye.  Talk about snake-bit...

This year, in a strategic cost-cutting move, we terminated our connection to cable TV back in February. 

The Cubs proceed to go 103-58, win the National League title and head to the World Series for the first time in 71 years. 

And the World Series games are being exclusively broadcast by  Fox Sports Network--cable tv only.  No cable-y, no watchie.   WTF?!?!?

My heart kinda breaks for my know?

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