Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Google Hates Everybody

For some time, I've been aware that Google and Microsoft were having a little war.  I'm not sure what precipitated it.  I suspect that google thinks it owns the internet, and so thinks it should be able to dictate to the hardware giant which means of accessing the internet should be the default on pc's.  Microsoft--not used to being dictated to by a company that might just be as powerful as they are--told Google to go scratch.  So Google, in its infinite wisdom, decided to make it as difficult as possible for Microsoft products--like Internet Explorer and Office--to interface with Google.  In my little world, this conflict has manifested itself in the form of my blog no longer being accessible through Word; and all sorts of incomprehensible error messages when I go to Blogger from Internet Explorer.  Which is a pain in the ass, but I manage to work around it.

Sunday morning, when I attempted to post a blog entry from my phone, I discovered that Google has apparently decided to engage this same battle with Apple.  I immediately got an error message telling me that my browser wasn't supported by Blogger, and that this might cause some "unexpected behavior" in the Blogger interface.  Indeed, it certainly made it so that I couldn't post pictures from my iPhone to my blog.  That really pissed me off.  So I went to the Apple store, looking for a Blogger app (I actually have that app on my iPad) only to find that the official Blogger app is no longer available through Apple, and the apps that ARE available all have terrible reviews. I can only surmise that this is because Google has spent some time and research in its campaign to screw Apple.

All I can say is, what the fuck?  This cut-throat business bullshit--where some portion of the pie is never enough...it's all or nothing--is getting really old.  It's a great, big Internet, guys, and you probably wouldn't be able to handle the whole thing if you DID manage to yank it away from everyone else.  So why don't you just learn to play nice with the other kiddies?

Who knows how great things could get if we had THREE big companies working together?  But we're never going to find out, are we?

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  1. More years ago than I care to think about Barnes and Noble was offering Durant's set The Story of Civilization. Once upon a time I worked my way through almost all the series. I've started over did Greece and half way through Rome. Near as I can tell, so far, nobody has ever been happy with part of the pie. I think it's an addiciton like drugs or booze. They get a high out of making the deal or whatever. Get addicted to the high and awaaaaaay we go. All for the good of the customer of course. Sound of hearty Bronx Cheer.